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Race to the Top and Rule the Games with Monkey Thunderbolt

Race to the Top and Rule the Games with Monkey Thunderbolt
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Race to the Top and Rule the Games with Monkey Thunderbolt

Casino and slot games that are anchored on competition and the need to race to be on top are often considered exciting games. Everyone wants a friendly competition on top of the potential winnings and jackpots that can be earned. If players can find games that offer this premise, then there’s a big chance that they will play the game. This is exactly the premise that players can expect from Monkey Thunderbolt, an exciting game from Spade Gaming.

In this Monkey Thunderbolt review, you will discover that the game is anchored on the story of the magical monkey race, as they race to become the ruler of the world.


Racing to Rule the World

The game focuses on a magical race among monkeys, and the story of these monkeys is set against the backdrop of ancient China. According to the back story of this game, the monkeys are in a race to finish on top and rule the world in the process. In fact, this was considered then as the most popular sport. There are 6 monkeys that will participate in the game, and everyone will aspire for the Thunderbolt title. Just like other races and adventures, this game presents the participants with all possible dangers that can prevent them from finishing the race, or from finishing on top. Simply put, this game is the race of the fittest, with the best monkey finishing first. Players can count on different game modes, including a multi-player mode. It also comes with a timer to notify players, and the race will start every 2 minutes.


How to Play the Game

To start playing this exciting game, you will need first to identify your coin values. This can be done by checking the chips that are situated on the right side of the playing screen. Now, you need to select the monkey who you think will win the race. This game also offers combined bets. In combined bets, you will put the wager on at least two monkeys, for example, Monkey 1 will be first and Monkey 2 will end up second. Keep in mind that in this game, Row 1 is considered first place. Once the bets have been finalized and placed, you can watch the race. The combined bets based on the Monkey Thunderbolt review are ‘Quinella’ and ‘Exacta’. In ‘Exacta’ mode, you need to bet on the actual result of the game, in the correct order.

This game is an interesting casino production to play and watch, and it comes with a surprising and exciting element. You will watch how these monkeys compete as they race to the top. Since these monkeys will be climbing the ropes, there is also the chance that the rope will break, which will add spice to the race. This is one of the best racing-themed casino games out there, and currently available in many Asian-themed and inspired casinos. Get more from this game by reading the Monkey Thunderbolt review, and be on top of the gaming world.



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