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Quasar Gaming Online Casino Review

There’s probably no better way to describe Quasar Gaming’s niche in the world of modern online casinos than a tiny bit of metaphor: they are like an ancient civilization that found its way to outer space ages ago and now returned to Earth as a very advanced competitor for global leadership.

The main thing that makes Quasar online casino stand out among the others is the way they managed to take the very best from land-based casinos – you know, that subtle feel many of us may have already grown nostalgic about – and transfer it to the realm of nowadays’ iGaming without losing anything on the way.

This is largely thanks to their close affiliation with Novomatic group, a true legend in the world of gaming since the early ‘80s. Novomatic’s impact on gaming is so profound that there is hardly any land-based casino which wouldn’t have Novomatic games in stock, many of which have become truly iconic – like, say, Book of Ra.

Without doubt, Quasar Gaming features the most complete lineup of Novomatic games out there, bringing them straight in the comfort of your home, and along comes the atmosphere. Generally, it’s as simple as that, but they have obviously done much more than this simple transition to become one of the top-rated Novomatic online casinos on the modern iGaming scene. So, in our Quasar Gaming review we’ll try to tell your more about this great brand…

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